Conditions of participation :: «Alatyr 2019»

Conditions of participation

in the competition and exhibition “BOTANICA”
within the Eighth International Biennial of Amber Artworks
“Alatyr 2019” 

Theme of the competition and exhibition: “BOTANICA” 

The exhibition is made up of collections presented by curators from different countries, who are invited by the Biennial Organizing Committee, as well as of works by independent artists.

Each curator is responsible for doing the necessary paperwork and the delivery of artworks, as well as providing an information or analytic article on the selected collection.  

To be accepted for the competition, artworks have to be made in accordance with the conception of the exhibition in 2018–2019.

Each curator has the right to present not less than 5 and not more than 15 authors.

Each author may present up to 3 works or 3 sets/compositions in each category. All works, presented to the Organizing Committee, have to include a label, indicating the author and the title of the work.

In the works submitted for the competition amber should be the main material and be used as the main artistic and expressive means.

It is permitted to use natural, pressed amber, or amber with inclusions. It may be combined with precious and semi-precious stones, metal, ivory, wood, and other materials. It is permitted to present works made of Baltic amber and amber of other origin (e.g. romanit, Dominican amber, etc.).

Works made of copals and amber imitations (e.g. polymer resin, etc.) are admitted, being only nominated in the category “Artworks made of copal and amber imitations, etc”. 
By 1 June 2019, the curator has to e-mail the Organizing Committee at the following materials:

  1. Annex № __: name, surname, technique, size (height, length, width/depth), insured value of the work, photograph;
  2. The participation form, made by the example of the Organizing Committee;
  3. Photographs with work’s author and title written on them;
  4. An information or analytical article on the presented collection. 

The Organizing Committee asks the curators to give master classes to students of artistic education institutions within the educational programme that will be held as part of the project. 
Independent artists may also participate in the competition. All financial expenses, related to the participation in the competition, are carried by independent artists alone.  
To participate in the competition exhibition, an independent artist has to send the Organizing Committee the following materials by 1 June 2019 at

  1. Annex № __: author’s name, surname, title of the work, year of creation, used material, size (height, length, width/depth), insured value, photograph;
  2. The participation form, made by the example of the Organizing Committee;
  3. Photographs with work’s author and title written on them;
  4. Scanned copies of diplomas, education certificate; scanned copies of diplomas, licenses, certificates and any other documents on participation in exhibitions, competitions and awards; scanned copies of publications with bibliographical data of the edition.  

The works have to be delivered to the Amber Museum not later than 24 June 2019.

The jury members have the right not to admit works that do not conform to the conditions of the competition.

The Conception of the exhibition, the Participation form, the Annex №1 and other additional information can be also found on the museum’s website

Biennial Organizing Committee