Participants of the conference :: «Alatyr 2019»

Participants of the conference

“Vocational training of jewellers in educational systems of different countries”

1. Galina Kovalyova ​
Russia, Saint Petersburg 
President of the International Fund for Support of Education and Creativity of Jewellery Artists from Saint Petersburg “Form”, jury president of international competitions in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, member of the Russian Union of Artists​

2. Andrzej Szadkowski ​
Poland, Łódź
Artist, professor, teacher of design at Łódź University of Technology (Poland); member of the Jewellers Association of the city Hanau (Germany); member of the International Amber Association (Gdańsk, Poland); Honorary member of the Association of Artists of Jewellery forms (Warsaw, Poland); member of the Arts Council of the International Competition of Young Jewellery Designers "Image and Form" (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

3. Bianca Cappello ​
Italy, Milan 
Jewellery and costume jewellery historian, critic, teacher of history of costume jewellery at the European Institute of Design (Milan) and Galdus State Goldsmith School (Milan), member of British Royal Society of Jewellery Historians

4. Yana Krakhina
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Teacher of IT technologies, master at the jewellery workshop of the Metal Department of the Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design.

5. Larisa Koptseva
Russia, Kaliningrad
Director of The College of Entrepreneurship

6. Antti Nieminen
Finland, Tuusniemi
Artist, member of the Artist Blacksmith's Association of Finland

Public lectures
  1. Valentin Skurlov “Vasily Zuev. The Court Miniaturist”.
  2. Regina Makauskienė​ “Updating Amber Design Tradition in Palanga Amber Museum: from Feliksas Daukantas to Eglės Čėjauskaitės-Gintalė”.
  3. Bianca Cappello. "Corbella the First Italian Industry of Jewellery and Weapons for Theatre"