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of the Eighth International Biennial of Amber Artworks
“Alatyr 2019”
28 June – 9 September 

In 2019 the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum is organising the Eighth International Biennial of Amber Artworks “Alatyr 2019”, which includes:

  • the competition and exhibition “BOTANICA”;
  • the conference “Vocational training of jewellers in the educational systems of different countries”;
  • the educational programme for students of art departments of educational institutions in Kaliningrad oblast;
  • publication of a catalogue. 

Aims and purposes:

  • organisation of events, aimed at development of Kaliningrad oblast as a centre of artistic amber processing;
  • reinforcement of the brand of Kaliningrad oblast as the region where the Baltic gem is extracted, studied and processed; 
  • popularisation of amber as material for scientific and artistic activity;
  • development of international communication with foreign art and scientific communities, cultural institutions, and organisations;   
  • creation of possibilities for students of art departments of Kaliningrad educational institutions to learn from famous European and Russian specialists in the sphere of artistic amber interpretation.  

Theme of the competition is “BOTANICA”

In 2019 the museum puts forward the theme that lets the artists apply vegetative motives in the broadest sense of the notion, including species of flora and fauna that can be found in amber and the figurative comprehension of the amber vegetable origin.

Opening of the competition exhibition will be held on 28 June 2019.  

Categories of the competition:

  • “Skills”;
  • “Creation of an artistic image”;
  • "Innovation”;
  • special category “Floreale motives in the world artistic tradition”. The works submitted in this category may refer to rethinking significant works of the great historical styles (Romanesque, Gothic styles, Classicism, Baroque, Rococo, Art Nouveau styles), national artistic traditions  (Egyptian, Russian arts, aesthetics and diversity of national floreale motives of Islamic art, and others), and individual artistic practices of the past and modern masters (Arts and Crafts movement, vegetative motives in the works of Alphonse Mucha, Louis Comfort Tiffany, André Charles Boulle, and others). 
  • special category “Theatre”. The category is dedicated to the Year of theatre, declared in Russia in 2019. Artists are invited to render the theme “BOTANICA” on the theatrical scene;
  • special category “Artworks made of copal and amber imitations”.  

Competition awards:

  • Grand prix (comes with a money reward);
  • one laureate in each category (comes with a money reward);
  • two special jury certificates in each category;
  • personal certificates from jury members;
  • special prizes and awards from the sponsors of the International Biennial of Amber Artworks “Alatyr 2019”. 

Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum will consider an opportunity to acquire works from the competition exhibition for the state collection. 

Names, content, standards of judgment and the size of special awards and prizes from sponsors are determined by their establishers in agreement with the Organizing Committee of the exhibition. 


An illustrated full-coloured biennial catalogue will be published following the results of the competition and exhibition. Each participant of the biennial receives one copy of the catalogue for free.   


Curators determine the entry list of the competition exhibition, compiling it according to the given theme. The curator is empowered to engage artists from different countries. The right to invite curators is vested in the Biennial Organizing Committee.

Members of the jury

The jury will include specialists in the sphere of history of art, design, jewellery and stone-carving.

The right to determine jury members is vested in the Biennial Organizing Committee.

The requirements for acceptance of works for the exhibition are stated in the document “Conditions”, which is an integral part of this conception.  

Schedule of the Biennial




Receiving materials for catalogue publishing



Preparation of the catalogue



Arrival of participants 
(by the official invitation of the Organizing Committee)

June, 24–25 



Arrangement of the exposition 

June, 25–28


Jury's work

June, 25–26


Educational programme

June, 25–27



June, 27


Opening of the competition exhibition “BOTANICA”

June, 28 


Offsite meeting following the biennial results on the Baltic coast 

June, 29


Departure of participants

June, 30


Biennial Organizing Committee